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Flavourless STLTH Pods 4 reviews

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Flavourless STLTH Pods deliver the base ingredients of vaping, VG & PG, with no extra flavourings or additives. Containing 3 STLTH pods per pack with 2mL of eJuice per pod, Flavourless STLTH pods can easily be swapped or replaced without any hassle or spillage. 

What is STLTH Bold?

With the Federal Government banning all nicotine above 20mg, STLTH developed a unique hybrid nicotine that combines Nicotine Salts and Freebase nicotine that delivers a harsher hit, similar to the original 35mg & 50mg STLTH Pods. Known as Bold 35 & Bold 50, these options are still 20mg but deliver the throat hit of the original 35mg and 50mg pods.

Compatible with:

STLTH 20mg Features:

  • Nicotine Salt
  • 20mg of Nicotine
  • 3x 2mL Pods

STLTH 20mg Bold 35 Features:

  • Hybrid Nicotine (Salt & Freebase)
  • 20mg of Nicotine (Hits like 35mg)
  • 3x 2mL Pods

STLTH 20mg Bold 50 Features:

  • Hybrid Nicotine (Salt & Freebase)
  • 20mg of Nicotine (Hits like 50mg)
  • 3x 2mL Pods

Package Contains:

  • 3x STLTH Pods

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ali m.
Canada Canada
Love them!

This is the only site I buy off of!

Mario T.
Canada Canada

If you like the colour beige, drive a sensible economic car, go to bed at a decent hour, invest in only safe investments, iron your clothing the night before, wrap your loose change in bundles for bank deposit or drink water between alcoholic beverages ...then yes; This is for you :)


Honestly, this sounds like a wise and healthy lifestyle that I'm very interested in adopting.

Laurent D.
Canada Canada

The delivery was pretty quick. It's nice to get some pods during this quarantine time, since all the vape-shop are closed. Thanks, Vape 360!

Jessie P.
Canada Canada
Best bang for your buck

These run out much slower than the flavoured pods. They're generally much "cleaner" from having the least amount of flavouring or colour additives. Less negative side effects like sore throat, headache, sticky mouth etc. For a good, clean, consistent vaping experience, go with flavourless


Thanks for the feedback, Jessie! I don't believe any STLTH Pods contain colour additives, only flavouring additives. Flavourless is great for people who are sensitive to flavouring in eJuice, so it's nice to see you've discovered it! Always a pleasure, Jessie! Enjoy.

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