Flavour Ban in Canada - What to Expect

Update March 23, 2021

It's official, the flavour ban is coming. Please use this form to contact your local representative and stop a ban of flavoured eJuice in Canada.


Well, here we go again!

By now many of you may have heard about an upcoming federal flavour ban proposed by the government of Canada. We want you to know that this is no longer speculation, but now a real threat. The proposed ban will include all flavours that aren’t flavourless, tobacco, or mint. The blackmarket is filling up their bathtubs in anticipation, while our ISO certified labs are begging for help. 

Here's what our full eJuice selection will look like:

Yup. Just that. 

A few weeks ago, we sent an email asking everyone to take a few minutes to head over to the Rights 4 Vapers page and to send an email to Health Canada in response to the Nicotine Cap. Not enough of us took action and now an impending 20mg nicotine cap is on its way.

We have always been open and honest about the state of vaping in Canada. We are not going to change that level of communication with you. A very respected vaping advocate from Quebec, Valerie shared this with many vendors this past week:

"This morning, I had a video conference with Jean-François Harvey (Regional & Policy Advisor for Hajdu) and Tahiya Bakht (Deputy Director of Policy at Office of the Minister of Health) about a time frame for the regulation on flavor's restriction... They intend on going ahead with that... The only reason why it hasn't been published in the Gazette yet is that they are still thinking about «total ban vs tobacco and mint flavors only»...But it should be in the Gazette 1 by May for consultations and, Gazette 2 around September... Doesn't look good..."

Up until this point, we have heard about the flavour ban without anyone from Health Canada wanting to go public and confirm. This is the confirmation that has made it real.

We have said this before and we are going to say it again: 


So what can you do? 

The Team at Rights4Vapers, has been working over the last 18 months gathering data on what flavours and strengths vapers use to keep them smoke free. Rights4Vapers has created a survey that we would very much appreciate you taking part in. The survey will be closing on April 5th and we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate.  Click on the link below and it will take you to the R4V site and you can complete the survey. Take 30 seconds of your time to help save flavours.

Take the Survey!

In Ontario we have a history of pushing back regulations that will kill vaping. We know that we can take that energy and spread it across Canada! We have always been fighters that win. 

Please feel free to share with anyone that you know that will be affected by a flavour ban including social media.

Thank you,


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