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April 5, 2024 - The Push Back

Join Valor and Rights 4 Vapers in their fight against the proposed flavour ban. Their new initiative aims to prevent harmful legislation that could impact vaping across Canada. Take action now by using their simple, yet effective,  tool—it only takes 2 minutes!

This is our final opportunity to protect flavours in Canada. We've already seen strong opposition, with over 20,000 Canadians voicing their concerns to Health Canada in 2021. However, Minister of Health Mark Holland appears determined to push forward with the ban, disregarding public opinion.

It's time to make our voices heard. Minister Holland and Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Saks need to understand why banning flavours is the wrong move.

We desperately need the support of the vaping community. Rights 4 Vapers has developed an easy-to-use tool that allows you to send a personalised letter directly to these decision-makers. Simply scan the QR code above or visit rights4vapers.com to compose your message.

Feel free to share this message on social media by downloading the image above and tagging @rights4vapers. Together, let's urge Ministers Holland and Saks to reconsider their stance and protect our right to choose flavours.

Visit Rights4vapers.com now and join us in our fight to preserve vaping flavours. 

Enough is enough.


March, 2024 - It's Baaaaaack.

Remember last year when the Federal Government introduced the Excise tax and almost doubled the price of vaping? Well, they used those tax dollars to increase the quality of life in the country! 

Ha! Just kidding - they’re using it to fund a bill to ban flavours in vaping.

The Minister of Health, Mark Holland, has decided that instead of spending his time on the important issues our country is facing, he’s going to introduce a nation-wide ban on flavoured eJuice. 

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Since Health Canada has only asked a few stakeholders for their input, we’re going directly to the source - Mr. Mark Holland. We’re asking for your help again to save flavours in Canada by sending an email to Mark Holland to let him know that flavours are important to vaping. Banning flavours will only create an unregulated and unsafe blackmarket, while pushing millions of people back to more harmful tobacco products.

As usual, we ask that you be civilised and respectful in your response, while letting him know how flavours have helped you, or how the flavour ban will impact you.

As the federal circus unfolds, we will be in touch to keep you up to date and informed on what you can do to help.


Mark Holland



April, 2022: Round 2!

Health Canada is doing a review of TVPA (Tobacco and Vaping Products Act). If you don’t know what that is, it’s the act that regulates vaping and your choice to harm reduction. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, think flavour ban.

Now that we're all here.

It’s important that every consumer of vaping products and their loved ones share their thoughts and opinions with Health Canada, before they continue their path of regulating vaping into prohibition.

We know many of you have been waiting a long time for an answer from Health Canada, we have too. We're frustrated and angry with Health Canada's lack of transparacy and ability to address our concerns - we get it.

Following that, please be respectful in your submissions. Cooler heads will prevail.

Submissions are now closed.



Please submit a response through the link below or by visiting www.saveflavours.ca/en! The deadline in September 2, 2021 - don't delay.

Contact your Local MP

Donate: CVA Go Fund Me


Update June 23, 2021: Nicotine over 20mg/ml is now banned in Canada.

Canada Gazette Part II is released on June 23, 2021. As of July 23, 2021, it's illegal to sell any eJuice with nicotine concentrations above 20mg/ml. We will be removing all products containing nicotine concentration over 20 mg/ml from in-store and our website by July 23, 2021. To help you transition during this time, we will be offering custom purchases of higher mg/ml nicotine until July 8, 2021. You can send your custom order to info@vape360.ca


Update June 18, 2021: It's here.


They're requesting word or pdf documents. If you're unable to do so, please email your feedback for Health Canada to greg@vape360.ca and I will personally convert your feedback into a pdf file and send it back to you.

Get Involved: Sign the petition today.

Donate: CVA Go Fund Me

The flavour ban has officially been introduced. As it stands, if nothing has changed within 75 days of publication, flavoured vape juice will no longer be legal in Canada. Overnight, millions of Canadians will be driven back to tobacco and hundreds of thousands of hardworking people will be out of work.

After six years, Vape360 will be shut down overnight.

A flavour ban is an over-reaction that's not backed by any studies or research - it's simply an opinion hidden behind "protecting the youth" of Canada. Yale has conducted studies that shows banning flavours has the opposite effect that Health Canada claims this bill will solve.

If Patty Hajdu and the Government of Canada truly cared about the health and wellness of teenagers, why are we not seeing flavour bans on alcohol? Why are we not seeing flavour bans on cannabis? Why are we not seeing flavour bans or age restrictions on energy drinks?

We never have, and never will, support sales of any vaping products to underage people. We've identified which products are popular among younger vapers and taken measures to stop them from even attempting to purchase. From 19+ age verification on every package sent, or purchase made in-store, to a non-negotiable 50% restocking fee on failed verification attempts, right up to placing warnings on product pages - we do everything in our power to ensure our products are in the hands of adults.

So, why the hypocrisy?

If you have any questions, please direct them to the Government of Canada's Health Minister, Patty Hajdu on TwitterFacebook, or by phone at 807-766-2090


Update May 14, 2021:

A petition has been introduced to the House of Commons. With already more than 4,500 signatures, the government must respond on record in the House of Commons. Have you voice heard! Sign it today.

Update March 23, 2021:

It's official, the flavour ban is coming. Please contact your local representative and stop a ban of flavoured eJuice in Canada.


Well, here we go again!

By now many of you may have heard about an upcoming federal flavour ban proposed by the government of Canada. We want you to know that this is no longer speculation, but now a real threat. The proposed ban will include all flavours that aren’t flavourless, tobacco, or mint. The blackmarket is filling up their bathtubs in anticipation, while our ISO certified labs are begging for help. 

Here's what our full eJuice selection will look like:

Yup. Just that. 

A few weeks ago, we sent an email asking everyone to take a few minutes to head over to the Rights 4 Vapers page and to send an email to Health Canada in response to the Nicotine Cap. Not enough of us took action and now an impending 20mg nicotine cap is on its way.

We have always been open and honest about the state of vaping in Canada. We are not going to change that level of communication with you. A very respected vaping advocate from Quebec, Valerie shared this with many vendors this past week:

"This morning, I had a video conference with Jean-François Harvey (Regional & Policy Advisor for Hajdu) and Tahiya Bakht (Deputy Director of Policy at Office of the Minister of Health) about a time frame for the regulation on flavor's restriction... They intend on going ahead with that... The only reason why it hasn't been published in the Gazette yet is that they are still thinking about «total ban vs tobacco and mint flavors only»...But it should be in the Gazette 1 by May for consultations and, Gazette 2 around September... Doesn't look good..."

Up until this point, we have heard about the flavour ban without anyone from Health Canada wanting to go public and confirm. This is the confirmation that has made it real.

We have said this before and we are going to say it again: 


So what can you do? 

The Team at Rights4Vapers, has been working over the last 18 months gathering data on what flavours and strengths vapers use to keep them smoke free. Rights4Vapers has created a survey that we would very much appreciate you taking part in. The survey will be closing on April 5th and we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate.  Click on the link below and it will take you to the R4V site and you can complete the survey. Take 30 seconds of your time to help save flavours.

Take the Survey!

In Ontario we have a history of pushing back regulations that will kill vaping. We know that we can take that energy and spread it across Canada! We have always been fighters that win. 

Please feel free to share with anyone that you know that will be affected by a flavour ban including social media.

Thank you,




    Ces le tabarnac de tabac les cigarettes qui devrait arrêté de vendre le gouvernement ces pu quoi faire pour faire pour échaudé le monde

  • Slava

    Jezz I don’t understand all this at all.. if the government REALLY concerned about our health, why not to ban everything? Just to get rid of all kinds of Vapes and all kinds of Cigarettes. So we don’t have any choice but to quit all this bs. Go big or go home Canada.

  • Madison MacPhee

    I would also just like to add that this ban is not going to do anything beneficial for young teens they’re going to get their hands on things that they aren’t supposed to whether their parents and health Canada want them to or not and there’s simply nothing that we can do about it I started vaping and smoking weed when I was 15 the only thing that my parents could do was make sure that I was doing it in a safe environment so please don’t inconvenience us adults who love flavoured Vape products because your butt hurt about a few teens using them as well

  • Madison Macphee

    As a fellow vape user I want to Express the detrimental repercussions society is going to face if flavoured vaping products become banned we will turn to cigarettes and as someone who has never smoked a cigarette a day in my life that scares me I don’t like cigarettes that’s why I Vape

  • Kim Jones

    I have been cigarette free for coming up to 6 years and I have vaping and the flavors to thank for that. Take the flavors away and make me use cigarette flavors and I’m afraid I’ll be back to smoking the real thing. There goes my health again, back to coughing, being out of breath, being broke, yeah. Time for our government to get their heads out of the sand and listen to us adult vapers.

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