Superhero Battery Wraps

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Iron Man
Captain America
Spider Man
Incredible Hulk

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Represent your inner superhero with these superhero themed battery wraps. A unique touch to make your vape truly yours, these battery wraps are one of a kind. Sold individually.

Please note: When re-wrapping your battery, please ensure you're doing it safely. If you have any questions, please contact us so we can ensure you're wrapping your batteries correctly.

Why would I want one of these?

  • Is your current battery wrap torn? It needs to be replaced.
  • Clearly organize which of your batteries are married.
  • Personalize your batteries.

These battery wraps are pre-cut, with about half an inch give for an 18650 battery. To apply the wrap, sleeve it over the battery, trim it down to about 3mm excess on the bottom and top of the battery, and use very light indirect heat such as a hairdryer (on low setting) heat-shrink gun.


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