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Pineapple Citrus Allo Pods

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Pineapple Citrus Allo pods hit your tastebuds with a sweet pineapple inhale, then slowly introduce a citrus lime kick as you exhale. Smooth and flavourful, Pineapple Citrus by Allo contains 3 pods with 2mL of vape juice in each pod.

With vapor being generated from a mesh coil, allo pods deliver an even burn and increased flavour production with every vape. To make vaping pods easier, each allo pod has a colour coated o-ring to help keep track of any pod flavour that you currently have in rotation.

Allo pods are compatible with the Allo Sync pod system, as well as the STLTH pod system and the STLTH Type C device. In turn, all STLTH pods are compatible with the Allo Sync pod systems, making your pod flavour options seemingly endless when vaping on either device.

Compatible Pod Systems:

Allo Pod Features:

  • Mesh Coil
  • Colour Coated O-Rings
  • 3 Pods Per Pack
  • 2mL Per Pod
  • STLTH Compatible Pods

Package Contains:

  • 3x Allo Sync Pods

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