Holiday Sales & Events Schedule

Well! It's our favourite time of year again at Vape360. Holiday season! We're keeping with Vape360's annual traditions, except this year, we're going bigger. The discounts, the products, the events - we're all in.
Every year, Vape360 takes part in a month and a half long holiday extravaganza! The 2021 holiday season is no different, but we're introducing a couple new events! 
Lets Go!
This year Vape360 is introducing a new event to help give back to our local communities. It's been a rough couple years for most, but disastrous for others.
From November 17 to December 20, Vape360 Oakville & Hamilton will be taking food donations for local shelters and food banks.
Donate any amount of non-parishable food items and you will receive 10% off any eJuice purchased. There's no limit to the amount you can donate or times you can claim the discount. Bring one can of soup, or 100, and all eJuice you buy that day will be 10% off. It's that simple.
On top of that, for every item donated, we will match it. If you bring 20, we bring 20. Covid politics aside, help us bring some relief to those affected by the pandemic this year.
It's here. Just accept it.
As usual, Vape360 will be offering massive discounts on most, if not all, of our products on Black Friday 2021. We weren't big fans either at the beginning, but it's growing on us.
You guys killed us last Cyber Monday - thank you?
Cyber Monday 2021 will feature many of the same deals as last year, but with some added surprises. We never meet the large majority of our online customers, so we want to show the Vape360 love you're missing out on in-store.
*Insert our web guy's tears here*
It's time for almost everyone's favourite Vape360 tradition - our 6th annual 12 Days of Christmas Sale. Starting December 10, 2021 until December 21, 2021 Vape360 will be offering a new daily deal.
This is how it works:
Everyday at 9:00pm our website will feature a banner that displays the daily deal. If applicable, the deal will be available in-store & online, but only while supplies last. Trust me when I say, they don't last. That's why this year, we're brining in extra inventory to help reduce the amount of hate mail seen in past years. 
When the clock strikes 9:00pm that daily deal in done and new one begins.
Buckle up. Our web guy wants revenge on us so the discounts are deep.
Why a sale a few days after 12 days of sales? It's Christmas, that's why! 
Christmas day is filled with family, friends, and splurging online with all the sweet gift cards you got. We won't lie, we called it in last year because of holiday burnout, but this year we're ready. Visit us Christmas Day and enjoy some deep discounts on some of your favourites.
By now you know the deal. It's chaos. Abrupt and absolute chaos. 
To help curb disrupting our neighbours with line ups of people, we're opening our stores early and staying open later. Our in-store hours for Boxing Day 2021 will be from 10:00AM - 6:00PM.
As usual, we will be posting the Boxing Day Sale on our website at midnight with the option to Pick-Up In-Store at checkout. To help move things along with the Covid capacity restrictions in our stores, you can purchase online and avoid the lineups.
By this time into the holidays, our team is exhausted and completely void of any dopamine or seratonin. That's why we will be closed in-stores but will be running a New Years 2022 sale online. This will be the perfect time to pick up some favourites and help friends and family kick their tobacco habits.
We're excited to launch into the 2021 Holiday Season with you! We have a great lineup of deals for everyone, but with financial and physical stresses from the Covid pandemic, we want to go further than that. We truly hope each and every one of you engages with our first annual food drive. Sure, getting sweet new gifts during the holidays is always a blast, but this year, let's do everything we can to make sure those affected have enough to eat.
From us to you, Happy Holidays 2021!