WAKA SoPro Disposable Vapes by RELX

The WAKA SoPro disposable vapes, powered by RELX, seamlessly merges flavourful vape juice with a rechargeable battery, offering an impressive 10000 or 8000 puffs! Featuring dual mesh coils with 10.8W of power each, this WAKA vape ensures a smooth and flavorful experience.

Derived from the expertise of RELX Canada, WAKA Vapes enhances the SoPro with fast charging, eLiquid and battery indicators, and a balanced 18mg nicotine level. This synergy ensures a reliable yet powerful vape. Notably, the 10000 puff WAKA vape, surpassing even RELX Vape, elevates flavour and smoothness, establishing its unique presence in the vaping realm.

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