What is Vaping? A Beginners Guide to Vaping.

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Making the decision to switch to vaping can be confusing. There's a lot of misinformation, scare tactics, and confusing terminology surrounding vaping. Luckily, we've plucked the feathers, trimmed the fat, and put the basics into one easy to follow guide for those who are new to vaping.

The History:

Vaping may seem new, which to the masses, it is. However, vaping was an idea that originated in 1927 with a man named Herbert A. Gilbert, which through patents in the 1960’s and scuffles with the FDA in the 1980’s, never came to fruition. The idea that vaping or e-cigarettes could save billions of lives globally was never stomped out. In fact, in the early 2000’s after lung cancer took his Father’s life, a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik took that idea and made it a reality with the introduction of the modern day e-cigarette.

What is an E-Cigarette or Vape?

A synonym for each other, E-Cigarettes and Vapes are battery powered devices that use heating by electricity to vaporize liquids, not an open flame like traditional tobacco products. Generally consisting of four main components, the e-cigarette or vape, a battery, an atomizer or tank, and juice, vaping is an electronic solution to traditional smoking methods.

Types of E-Cigarettes or Vapes:

Powered by various types of batteries (18650, 20700, 26650, etc) eCigarettes come in three main types, which are Variable Voltage and Wattage, Mechanical Mods, or Starter Kits. Don't be deterred by the fancy wording, we've simplified it all below for you.


The place where the majority of vapers begin, Starter Kits are low maintenance, simple to use devices that mimic the feel of traditional cigarettes. Usually containing an internal battery, no adjustment options, and an all-in-one style, Starter Kits require little knowledge to use and maintain. The reason these are so popular with beginners is the low learning curve required to begin vaping and quit smoking, and of course, the lower cost.

Starter Kit Examples:

Bo Plus Kit by Bo Vaping

Aspire Nautilus AIO

Aspire Breeze 2

Vaping Devices, Mods, Variable Wattage, Canada, Vape360

Also known as regulated devices, Variable Voltage and Wattage (VV/VW) devices are the most common forms of devices that vapers choose. Coming equipped with the ability to adjust the power output of the devices, many vapers choose this method due to its versatility, safety, and availability. Variable Voltage and Wattage devices are manufactured with many safety features that are implemented internally and activate automatically. These switches include atomizer recognition, puff monitoring systems, time cut offs, short circuit protections, overheating protections, and low battery warnings, all of which protect vapers from accidentally venting their batteries, or misfiring their device when storing in bags or pockets.

VV/VW Examples:

Drag Box Mod by Voopoo

X-Priv Mod Kit by SMOK

Mechanica Mods, Vapes, Canada, Ontario, Vape360

Also known as unregulated devices, Mechanical Mods are designed for advanced users who have a strong understanding of ohms law and battery safety, as Mechanical Mods provide no safety features to protect users from misuse. Mechanical Mods contain no electronic circuitry, with only a few electronic components, which allows vapers a more intense and customizable vaping experience. Consisting of a metal tube with a switch and an external battery, Mechanical Mods deliver the full power of your battery to your atomizer without limitations from electronic chips.

Vaping Parts and Components, Mods, E-Juice, Atomizers, Drip Tips, Canada, Vape360

Devices or Mods:

A regulated or unregulated devices that hold all of the components required to vape. Also known as a Mod, Vape, or Device, this is the body and brain of a vapers setup.


The power source of any device or mod, batteries can be built-in (internal) or separate (external) to your device. External batteries offer the ability to have multiple sets, which ensure you’re never stuck with a dead device.


Whether it’s a Tank, Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA), Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA), Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA), or pod based, an atomizer is where your e-juice or e-liquid is vaporized for inhalation. You can easily recognize an atomizer, as it sits on the top of your device. Consisting of a metal coil, cotton, and a base, Atomizers are mandatory for your device. Read more about the types and functionality of atomizers in Vape360's "What Are Atomizers?" guide.

eLiquid & eJuice:

Usually consisting of four ingredients, Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Flavourings, and nicotine (if you choose), eLiquid & eJuice are the liquid that’s vaporized by heating the metal coil in your atomizer during vaping. Read more about the ingredients and eLiquid & eJuice options in Vape360's "What is eLiquid & eJuice?" guide.

Drip Tip:

Drip Tips are small mouth pieces that are found at the very top of any device. Usually made of heat resistant materials, like ultem or delrin, the easiest way to identify where and what a drip tip is, is to remember that it's the only part of the device that your lips will touch. Available in different sizes to accommodate different types of atomizers, Drip Tips are a great way to customize your device.

There’s a lot of noise and finger pointing surrounding vaping in the media these days. Discovering what’s real and what’s big tobacco and government propaganda can be tricky. With a little understanding and knowledge of what vaping actually is, we’re presented with the opportunity to free billions of people from tobacco’s grasp.

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